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House of Pops: A Brand of Hand-Crafted, All-Natural, Healthier Ice Pops Spreading Natural Happiness!

09 November 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is about to get a whole lot sweeter, and healthier! Introducing House of Pops: an all-natural, environmentally-friendly, quirky, and fun way of eating fruit. A concept originating from and inspired by Mexico’s paletas, House of Pops is an indulgent, healthier alternative to your average ice cream. Closest to a ‘fruit-on-a-stick’ as one can find, House of Pops’ ice cream boasts of being 100% natural, and free of the nasties!


House of Pops was born with a mission of bringing the UAE a healthier alternative to the already available, refined sugar-packed, preservative-heavy ice creams flooding the majority of supermarkets today. With many adopting healthier lifestyles and in the search for cleaner, more natural foods, House of Pops joins the movement by developing an entire line of hand-crafted, vegan pops featuring only five ingredients with fruit outranking all, essentially making it a ‘fruit-on-a-stick’. This has in-turn produced a winning formula: ‘all-natural, refined sugar and preservative-free, clean label product’, defining the brand’s commitment to purity and wellness. With the content of the pops being up to 94% fruit, the nutritional value of House of Pops’ lollies has been able to level up to the recommended intake of fruit within a regular diet. 


Redefining the traditional ice cream, House of Pops is paving the way for an industry of cleaner sweet treats, more suitable for the health-conscious and children alike. Clocking in at 167 calories at the highest, and 41 calories at the lowest, the brand uses organic agave to naturally sweeten the product to give it a substantially satisfying, smooth and creamy texture that is so desired. Additionally, these treats allow customers to reach their daily recommended fruit intake, containing 3g of fibers in comparison to an average pop only containing 0.1g. According to the World Health Organization, and on the basis that fruits represent half of the recommended 400g intake of fruits and vegetables, two watermelon pops from House of Pops would cover 69% of the daily recommended fruit consumption. The commitment House of Pops has towards wellness and purity is noticeable, and transcends into their mission to also be kinder to the environment.


Complementing their ‘all-natural’ ethos, House of Pops has pledged to only use plastic-free packaging, made up of materials that go beyond being recycled to being biodegradable and compostable, replenishing the earth with a soil nutrient when they degrade. The Bio-PLA sleeves of the treats are made from biomass, created with sugar cane, corn, or cellulose, which can be industrially composted and disintegrated within 6 months, turning into CO2 and Humus, a soil nutrient. The adoption of this material for packaging makes House of Pops the first and only plastic-free ice cream stick in the region. From the ingredients used to the compostable packaging, House of Pops is a 100% natural product. 


The current line of pops available at House of Pops includes a variety of decadent, tropical flavours, complemented with a few creamy ones, using organic coconut cream and milk, with each pop priced at AED 20. These include, but are not limited to, the Mighty Mango, made up of the Alphonso mango, Very Raspberry, featuring raspberries blended with fresh lime for a refreshing experience, Super Strawberry a pop of hand-picked strawberries for a sweeter taste, Fancy Choco which includes the finest 100% cacao powder and a splash of coconut milk, Pineapple Basil, an antioxidant-packed flavour with a dash of basil, and more! Also offered is a Happiness Box of 10 pops at AED 150. 


Through the company’s various core values, House of Pops believes that Natural Happiness comes from health and wellness. “We are on a journey to spread Natural Happiness one pop at a time! We launched House of Pops, offering a 100% natural, clean label, vegan pops made from real fruits with no refined sugar. Just like our customers, we care about the environment and our health, and want to give them the chance to indulge in an ice cream alternative that is healthier and gives back to the earth,” shares Marcela, Co-Founder of House of Pops.


Another plus to House of Pops? The brand offers customizable options for corporations, festivals, and events, with everything from unique slogans engraved on the pops’ sticks, logos printed on the sleeves, to the option of fully-branding their pops bike, spreading happiness across the country one occasion at a time! House of Pops sells its ice cream online through their Instagram page, their website, as well as on delivery apps in the UAE. Finally, House of Pops plans to soon open multiple outlets around town and develop unique lines that can cater to popular diets.


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House of Pops

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